Videoder for iPhone, iPad (iOS)

Videoder is the new trending app of this generation for downloading videos not only from YouTube but from any site having enlisted videos. It comes with a much needed in-built browser and lets you surf and enjoy video with the same interface even while they are downloading.

Note: As Videoder App is not available in PlayStore and App Store, So you need to download Videoder APK 10.0(Beta Version) to install and run this App on your Device.

People with Android are more then blessed for any app or features rolling out with the era of technology, They tend to receive them much before with a “Priority” for most of the apps. Same follows with videoder as their seems to be nothing new with this app in this trend. But, How can we leave you without any solution to this problem. Here is one trick to solve the problem

So, Here I am giving you an easy and effective method to run Videoder App in iPhone and iPad. Follow the steps given below and get it on your iPhone or iPad and start downloading every video you want to be in your device.


  • Videoder is a very useful app which let’s you download any video From YouTube or any other site with your preference of Quality of video varying from 144P to 1080P as well as the internet usage (Depending on the Number of MBs you want to spend).
  • If you want a particular video’s song you can select the MP3 option and download only the Audio and play it on your “Music Playlist”
  • There is nothing like waiting and pressing many options, Just download with the “QUICK” button and complete it in one go within minutes.
  • You can download multiple videos at one time and check them in the “Arrow” mark on the top of home screen. While they download you can even surf them. That’s cool!

How to Download Videoder for iPhone, iPad- iOS

This process is really quick and never takes a lot of Internet usage and just a few MBs and you are good to go!

STEP 1: Very First, You need to download an emulator for iOS named iAndroid, which enables you to use any Android application on your iPhone or iPad.

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STEP 2: Once downloaded, you need to install it which takes very little time and then head on.

STEP 3: Now, You can download Videoder APK 10.0 (Beta Version) and install it through the emulator within it. Now INSTALL and “RUN IT” allowing security warning from “Unknown Sources”.

STEP 4: This is it, You have Videoder running on your iPhone and iPad respectively. Download and surf as much videos as you want.

Being the most Loved and user accessible app of it’s kind this App is gaining interest and love of many and is on the way to make it to the top. Though, If you want to get rid of the hassle-ment of installing emulator and then proceeding towards downloading Videoder, you can look here> Best Alternatives of Videoder for iOS users.

Happy Videoder’ing!