Download Videoder for Android (Videoder APK)

Videoder App Download has recently arrived with its new updates and 10.0 APK (Beta Version) is ready to Download, install and Run. It has improved a lot in accessibility, usability and even in bug fixes. It has even diversified and made versatile to access more sites and download from very small, small to even heavy videos. Videoder not only lets you download videos from YouTube but with the help of it’s in-built browser lets you access any site and download any video accessible on the net.

Videoder for Android

This app is basically an Android interface presentation is a boon for android users who like to keep videos offline. It let’s you surf and watch videos till the time it downloads them for you and provides you the same interface as the App or Site itself.

You have an amazing option to choose which quality you want your video to be in and how many MB’s are you ready to spend in the video.

Download and Install Videoder APK on Android

This is a really easy process to get your app running on your device. Here I am attaching this small guide on Videoder Download, just follow the simple steps given here below:

STEP 1: Download the Version of apk of videoder: 10.0.5 beta (49) , The list is attached at the bottom of the page.

STEP 2: When the file downloads, Click on it and “Open/Run” the file.

STEP 3: Allow the user and chrome access and it will install in 2-3 minutes. It will ask for allowing access from “Unknown Sources”.

STEP 4: There you go, you have Videoder installed right on one of the home screen. Open it and enjoy the time with downloading new video everyday!

Though, the app interface is very accessible and easy to use, still there might be a little confusion while operating it, My foremost advice will be to: “Keep it simple and Go with the Flow“. The App is going to provide you a homely experience just as the site looks to you, For YouTube you have the homepage of the app and for every other App you need to check out the in-built browser so try to stick to your basics and for further help, I am attaching a small guide on the usage of this app for the very first time.

How to use Videoder for the first time

Your all geared guide, telling you everything about the Videoder App Usage in 4-5 steps!

Step 1: This is how the interface of Videoder appears when you open it for the first time.


Step 2: (If you want to download one of the YouTube video) Search the video from the search button on the top and type the name of the video. It will show the related links, click on the required link.


Step 3: As the video opens up, you will see Download links with options ranging from audio to vivid video qualities. Click your choice and you are good to go, here are all your videos downloaded and at one place.


You can see the arrow mark at right corner of the home screen, all the videos which you download are listed here. They are all stored in the Gallery folder by the name of “Offline” or wherever your phone stores your data in the phone storage!


Step 4: If you want to download videos from any other site then YouTube; it is simple as well just go to the icon of “Earth” and enter you URL! Surf and Download the required video and you are good to go!


APK(10.0) Beta Version: