Videoder Download: APK for Android, PC, iPhone (Free)

So, Let us discuss an app named “Videoder HD- YouTube and Video Downloader” for downloading videos on YouTube and every other site through URL and in-browser search. In this post, I will provide you methods to download the app with latest Videoder APK (Beta) version. You can download it on Android, iOS and PC.

Get the Videoder Download Guide for PC, iPhone & Android. You can also download the Videoder APK from this website for direct install.

Note:Videoder App is not available in Google Play Store but you download this app using the updated APK file, we are providing below.

Launched quite a time back this app is giving a huge and tough competition to Tubemate which is said to be the best app to download videos of youtube. Though, the biggest perk of this app lies in its capacity to download any video rather than only youtube.

videoder download
videoder download

So; In case: You are looking for a diverse alternative than tubemate, this is the app for you which fits in every site to take videos in your phone and is more user accessible than any other app present online.

Video-der lets you download any video from any site including Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other popular apps with scrumptious video.

Videoder APK

Videoder App is not available in Playstore so you must be looking for an APK version to run it on your device and download videos. Here in the post section with steps I have attached the APK beta version for you, you can go through the article; follow the steps and download version to get it on your device. New version of this app: 11.0 APK (Beta Version) has been released with lot of changes, fixes and new features!

videoder video downloader
videoder video downloader

Features of Videoder

  1. Access Videos from any site: This app allows you to download video from “Any Site” rather than only youtube. It comes with in-built browser from which you can download any number of video from any app. This resolves your problem of Copy-Pasting rather you can find them by yourself in the browser.
  2. Different options in Clarity: The video links come with multiple resolutions starting from 144P/240P/270P/480P/720P/1080P with their consumed MBs underneath.
  3. Accessibility: It glorifies a whole interface; similar to the site, you are downloading your videos from and makes you feel so homely thou! With that you don’t need to have any great tutorial you can understand everything from the so-accessible interface only.
  4. Download Songs: Tired of finding audio of your favorite video and can’t get it anywhere, This app finds you a great solution to that too, You can download “Only MP3” and get your favorite song right on your phone.
  5. Uninterrupted Download: Wherever busy or stuck somewhere you can anytime pause your download and resume when you are done with the other chores. You can try for the interrupted files too and get them downloaded again.
  6. Be Quick: No problem that you are in hurry or in mid of something and need that video to be downloaded real soon, just use the Quick Download option and it will download really soon and there you have it!
  7. Watch while it is downloading: Getting bored while the video downloads, you can watch the videos rather waiting for them to appear offline and enjoy while it happens. Or maybe find the next one to download.
  8. All-in-one: You can download the whole playlist/channel in one go. No need to select videos one by one just go to the channel and download the whole channel at a time.
videoder free download
videoder free download

Videoder for Android

Videoder is like a package for all the apps taken together, it downloads well for YouTube and then you can search for other videos in the in-built browser and download as many videos as you want from almost ANYWHERE. Cool enough? It even let’s you access the site in their original framework and gets you a homely experience. While downloading the video you can even watch other videos and enjoy. It is one of the most accessible app available on the store for Video Downloading and YouTube video downloading.

Due to some reasons this app is not available in the “PlayStore” and hence you are supposed to get an APK(Beta) Version downloaded from our site and install that to access the app.

Note: There are so many Fake Sites providing you viruses or stealing your personal data by giving you some spammy content in there download package, Make sure you download it from a trustworthy site like ours 🙂

So, if you are using one Android device, Here is what to do!

STEP 1: Download the Videoder App APK file from here: Videoder APK (11.0 Beta Version).

It is a very tiny file so you need not worry about the Internet data it will consume, it will be less that half of a song’s space trust me. #FewMBsOnly

STEP 2: When it is done, Allow the security warning you get asking for “Unknown Sources”.

You are getting it because it is an APK version of the App and you are not downloading it from PlayStore. It will automatically happen if you click at “Allow/Ok” with the security warning or you can just go to settings if missed and check the Unknown Sources box.

STEP 3: Go to where the file is downloaded and RUN it. After the file run is successful just tap on INSTALL. Once installed you are good to go, You can use it successfully.

Enjoy all videos even when your net is running slow or you are running out of MBs by downloading them once.

UPDATE: New Version of Videoder has been launched which has been updated on our site, you can download or update the file on your phone directly with the notification you must be getting there.

Videoder for iPhone

iOS users, I know how much sacrifice you make every-time when no such App is found on Playstore and such disappointment you will get again when I tell you that this app is not available for iOS and is in progress to be formed.

But, But We have a solution for that till then to make you access this app anyhow, So Here you go:

STEP 1: You need to download one emulator on your iOS device be it iPhone, iPad named iAndroid.

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STEP 1: For iMac and Mac, you need to download Bluestacks and the proceed further.

STEP 2: Now download the APK file of the app (11.0 BETA Version) and run it on your device as suggested in the above tutorial of Android.

For the iMac and Mac users: After downloading Bluestack you will get one interface similar to Android PlayStore where you can find any app like “usual ones even games! YAS” but for this app, you need to install the APK version by downloading it because it is not available on PlayStore, That’s it.

That’s All! You are good to go; Download everything you want to on a click and if you are looking for some easy option rather that emulator+videoder you can check: Best Alternative of Videoder for iOS users.

Videoder for PC

There are a lot of users who prefer to work on PC rather keeping their eyes on a 6 inch screen and paining their head, So for them here we are telling you How to download Videoder for PC?

STEP 1: You need to download an emulator to your PC named: BlueStacks to run any Android based app on PC. You can check the concerned article pinned below to download OFFICIAL BLUESTACKS.

Check out: How to install Bluestacks on PC/iMac/Mac

STEP 2: Once downloaded, Install it

STEP 3: Now, All you need is to download the APK of Videoder app and Install it as the process suggested above.

STEP 4: All Set! You can download any app now, like a PlayStore and use it! Enjoy.

Videoder comes with whole lot of options and features, you can even explore the whole “TRENDING” section and download videos directly or watch them, don’t tell them you are in mood to switch the youtube app with this application! Great Option though!

So, There we go! Here you have you app for downloading any video you want. Honestly, This app is my favorite for the video downloading purpose because it is versatile and can download videos from almost anywhere and everywhere. It has an in-built browser which allows you to surf in the app itself and download any video you want. It can be accessed by clicking on the “Earth” picture at the upper right corner right beside the downloaded ones.

Videoder is a wonderful Video & music downloader for Android. It lets you stream movies and download youtube videos. If you find any problems in Videoder download on iPhone, Android (APK) or PC let us know.

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